Friday, December 7, 2012

Uncool Update

Here's the email I just sent to my family. I will write in more detail later.

I met with Dr. Nelson today.

The nodules in my lungs appear to have grown significantly since the last scan. I have been getting (minor) chest pains, though I couldn't tell if it was simply emotions (the feeling in the chest is exactly the same.) Looking at the x-ray showed tumors where I have been feeling pain.

She asked me if I was open to doing more chemotherapy (keeping in mind that they will essentially have no idea whether it will work, and "working" doesn't mean getting rid of the cancer, it means keeping things the same or maybe a bit smaller.) I said the fact that there was no hope of chemotherapy curing it that is the biggest deterrent for me at the moment, not sure how I'll feel later. I asked her how long she thought I'd be likely to live getting no further treatment. She said months to a few years, but there will be more specific info after the CT scan, which will give more specific info about size (how much it's grown since the last scan) and also look for cancer in my liver which apparently is "another place cancer likes to go."

I'm getting a CT scan Monday.

All in all, NOT great news. I'm off to get a foot massage!

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