Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Benefits of Cancer II

  1. People (mostly, but not only, my family) give me money or want to give me money.
  2. I can do whatever, and no one gets mad at me. 
  3. I hear, and say, "I love you" approximately 25x more often than I used to.

See also Benefits of Cancer I.


  1. I love you too, if you can believe that, as we haven't met, but you are 'famous' to me now. Amaragita just told me about your blog. (She and I both said goodbye to our Mum's around the same time. She is my preceptor!)

    I'm reading it and going to live vicariously through you.... to be back in beloved Bali**... to be reminded of impermanence... to research our Metta Eggs project.

    What do you think? Might not be clearly expressed yet, but working on it. Starting to offer a form of mettabhavana with writing, reflection and egg making! in cancer day centres and other places this year. Going to be in SF and NYC later in the year if you want to hook me up with anyone in the cancer / hospice world.


    You rock lady. I would love to meet you. Maybe we will skype? I am libbydavy.

    I'm off on retreat with Padmadarini again soon too... so we are all in one big circle of love... holding you in our hearts (even when not even "met"... or maybe we just did.)

    ** (let me know you need anything, I have contacts and come from Perth which is connected to Bali by a strong songline)

    Cremation parade. Just the thing hey. We just buried a dear friend from the Movement Devapriya in fine style. He founded the Village Retreat padmadarini has started coming to regularly.

    ENough! ENjoy!


    Libby xxx