Monday, December 24, 2012

Disarming bombs vs. bodily scans

Edgewood Park
Watched Frankenweenie and The Hurt Locker recently. Both featured fairly central themes of death and love. One between a boy and his dog, and the other between a man and something about the act of defusing bombs. Interesting the different ways one may face one's mortality. My way lately has been relatively abstract: mostly impressions on a screen.

I am enjoying being alone in my apartment since Saturday. Spent hours last night on the 17-page questionnaire for a potential phone consultation with Dr. Block in Chicago. (I answered all the questions, but wonder why he cares what kind of dental floss I use!)

It's shocking how much my eyesight has deteriorated in the last, say, two weeks. I will need to get glasses when I get back.

I find getting ready to travel kind of overwhelming. I always have, but it's worse now because I have so much more sick person gear to bring with me. That's why I'm writing this instead of packing. In any case, leaving for Bali tomorrow. Where is my passport?

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