Friday, December 21, 2012

Brick Shithouse

Can hardly wait for compliments
on my massively developed
cerebral cortex
Watched the rest of Little Big Man tonight. For such a silly movie it does get really sad. Then an hour of David Attenborough's Madagascar that Dhammagita sent. Wonderful.

I have been breaking my three things a day rule. Every day. And sleeping a couple of hours less than I usually do, but it seems fine. Not doing a lot of napping either. I have the energy for it I guess.

My eyes have gotten really crap in the last few days. I can't see anything unless it's pretty much cross the street (where by the way, Tong and I saw a raccoon recently.) I wish I could get more suitable glasses before leaving town. I can hardly read what's on my phone.

I won't be available much until after Dawn's Public Ordination on Feb 9. However if you are thinking about visiting or have some other question for me, please contact me directly. You will know by reading this blog when I am weak and having a hard time breathing - that will be a different matter. For now please remember this very important and up-to-the-minute fact:

I am alive, and still built like a brick shithouse.

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  1. Well, maybe, but you have really good eyebrows and enough on top to get hat-hair again!