Monday, December 17, 2012

Canceling everything +

First iPhone photo,
(however, happiness not apparent)
The last several days I have been feeling happy. In a way, I probably have less to worry about than you do!

Almost all the 2013 travel plans I listed toward the end of the post called Heartache, I have canceled. After I get back from Bali in mid-January, I'll be focusing on Dawn's ordination for at least a month. Very happy about this. Her public ordination ceremony will be at the SFBC on Saturday, February 9.

If I am able I may go to New Orleans week of March 24 with my sisters, Julie, and Jeff. Paramananda may be coming out in early April. If you'd like to come and visit me, end of Feb/first half of March may be a good time. I don't know how much energy I'll have for visitors but I'll do my best.

Misha is going to make me an herb formula, don't know if she'll get to it before I leave. She's going to have it pre-made so I don't have to boil mountains of nasty leaves and bark, etc.

I'm looking forward to being warm for a few weeks. Thinking about getting a small tattoo in Bali - over my heart. Words or a picture. (Jayarava's post, A Real Buddhist Tattoo, put me off the idea of using Sanskrit words!)

I have an appointment with Dr. Nelson on Wednesday. Seems like I'm starting to cough a bit more, and if I take a deep breath, it hurts a tiny amount.

Vidyadevi has agreed to edit my memoir. (She's edited most, if not all, of my favorite books by Bhante.)

Here's a poem by Buddhist friend Leslie (McCormick) in Colorado:
It’s Not Funny
She faces the words stage 4 with a shiny red nose,
clown shoes on, and dukes up.
Cancer may win her body,
but she’ll be damned if she lets it take
the shoes.


  1. Absolutely, don't let 'em take the shoes! Thinking of you dear one.

  2. I think Jayarava's suggested I AM GOING TO DIE! is pretty good, and he could make it quite decorative, in siddham or a Tibetan script. And as he said, he still does them for friends, even if he thinks it's stupid.