Friday, December 14, 2012

Full days

Today, hours in an AT&T store with Jules, reike session with Tania, phone call with Sanghadevi (my preceptor who ordained me in 2001), organic Thai dinner with Julie and Danamaya. Days very full and mostly wonderful, too much to get into details.

Yesterday, Misha and I talked a bit about alternative treatments and how quack-ish they can seem. I complained that people don't give realistic info about what they can do. She said she figured the reason they don't is that many people won't go to you unless you say you can cure them. For example, she doesn't tell Hep C patients that she can cure them, so they go to another acupuncturist who says they can take away the virus. Anyway as I wrote the other day, Misha thinks it's worth looking around for options, trials and second opinions, especially from UCSF, Keith Block, and

But the folks at can't help. They say:
...we just don't have docs that deal much with cutting edge treatment or clinical trials...would be a waste of your time. 
They recommended some doctors at UCSF and Stanford who I could consult.

I have called Keith Block's place twice. They haven't called me back.

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