Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Some more letters

White Tara, symbol of wisdom
and long life
I never know whether to include people's names, so this time I left them off. Here are some notes I've gotten that made me feel happy. As you read this I am hopefully on my way to Indonesia.

You who are so strong and real and original. I love your creativity and being with you has helped me be more true to myself, I think this is one of the greatest gifts you have given so many people.

Thank you for your brave words and giant heart.
I, of course, have been following your blog like butter on bread.
What a ride this is for you and all who love you!
The sadness I feel goes deep,
I can only imagine the depth coming from your even closer people,
and yourself.
I wish I were there to spend as much time with you as possible.
I want to come.  I don't want to overwhelm.
In light of Dawn's ordination in February I'd like to come for that,
but it might not be a good time to be able to spend with you.
Thinking of January also.
I wanted to check in with you and see how your feeling about visitors.
I have this image of people flocking to you like ravens in this time.
I love you.
And it's true I feel more open to say that because there's possibly few times left for me to say it.
This makes me stop and ponder those words and the people I love, and don't tell.
Death brings such reflection,
and grief
and depth.
Keep writing, keep laughing, keep crying

You're on my mind and in my heart in larger ways than I could ever describe in words. I love you.

I have always liked being with you but now it seems like our communication is clean and deep and meaningful.  And you look beautiful to me, the eyes say it all, and there is truth and sadness and love in those eyes.

My pharmacist once told me that I was the healthiest sick person he knew. and now I think that you have gone much farther down that graceful, positive, challenging road and I am watching, learning so much from you!

The Complete Embrace seems like an amazing title for your book!

I feel something I can't name. A tenderness perhaps. As if I'd just want you sitting on this sofa with me so I didn't have to say anything, but could just look into your eyes and feel and know that we are the same. That our awareness is shared...that essence of you that is in me will never die.

I rejoice in watching you die before you die. In the presence you bring to this final adventure. I hope I see you embodied again, but if not, I'll treasure every last fragment of memory, images and you that lives on until this body one day also dies.

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