Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spinning head

Busy busy busy. Not getting as much downtime as I'm used to, although I've felt fairly energetic the last couple of days. Meeting with a couple of people every day, and sleeping, and medical stuff.

Yesterday Jane Clark (cancer pilates) came over and did a little session with me. Fairly subtle movements, and very few off them, but today my sacrum is sore. She also called me this morning to see how I was doing. She seems very skilled at what she does.

My process of becoming a private preceptor is going well. The three-month consultation period ended July 31. For those of you who aren't familiar with this process it's not that easy to explain. The short version is that once you've been ordained for 10 years, someone can ask you to be their preceptor, which means that you will ordain them when they are ready. It involves a lot of people agreeing that it's ok for you to do it, that there aren't any major or unresolved conflicts with the 2,000 Order members (or anyone else involved with this Buddhist community.) And you ask those that know you best write feedback, areas you are skillful in and areas of challenge. There are some more steps to come but so far it has been a wonderful process.

I asked about cancer and the future...
turned out fairly positive in terms of travel
and vitality. Photo by Ken Finberg
I drove to Kaiser twice today. Fasted over night, went to Feldenkrais/ restorative movement, had pre-chemo blood drawn this morning, and met with Dr. Tavakoli. Wanted to go to the art in recovery thingy as long as I was down there, but came home and fell asleep instead. I will write up info from  Dr. T. in a different post.

Also gave informal cancer talk II at the Center tonight after meeting someone for dinner and getting a tarot reading! I was happy enough with the talks and will post a link here as soon as I get them on (was encountering a lot of errors and gave up for the time being.) They will appear at some point...

Padmatara came back from her monthlong solitary retreat! We watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which was a bit corny, but Ewan McGregor is so cute it doesn't really matter.

I'm listening to the audiobook Wicked. It's very enjoyable.

My head is kind of spinning. Need to figure out a way to get some more down time.

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