Thursday, August 2, 2012

Misc Dr. T info

Jerry and Eddie, Fresno
Had a short meeting with Dr. T because I pretty much forgot everything I could have talked to him about, then sent him a few questions on email.

He didn't seem to think the neuropathy was worrying, because it's off and on, and it doesn't hurt.

BTW he's going away for two weeks and will again miss my post-PET scan wrap-up. I don't really mind. Dr. Littel told me he wouldn't be going away anymore, but alas, shit happens.

A few recent email Q&A's:

Can we reduce the dosage of dexamethazone (steroid against nausea) in the infusion and/or the post chemo pills? He OK'ed trying the post-chemo reduction (8mg to 4mg.) I think it will make a difference in that I will be less stoned/amped, at least for the first five days. I got some pot which I will use for nausea, should some arise. I don't think I will need it but like having a backup plan.
Beading at Lo's
    He said I only need to worry about infection, etc., if my white blood cell counts are low. Quote: "Your count is adequate. The important number is the ANC (absolute neutrophil count) which is over 1,000." I noticed that there is nothing in my blood tests that say 'ANC', but there is a 'neutrophils autocount' which is 1.8...Found out that 1.8 is the same as 1,800 ANC (well above the danger zone.)  

    I have an appointment for the midway CT/PET scan on August 16.

    If the scan shows that the lung nodules have grown, Dr. Nelson will decide on the new chemo plan. 

    Finally, I asked him if I am likely to get addicted to lorezepam (Ativan) after taking it nightly (so far I only take 1) for 5 months. He replied, "It can be habit forming as with many sleeping agents. However I strongly believe that a good nights sleep is critical." Which I guess is a yes. Natural things like melatonin and valerian don't really work. I should probably get higher dosage and try again...a friend also suggested Restaid, which I will run by Dr. T...

    Chemo tomorrow morning, three out of six.

    I feel kind of fried.

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    1. Generally speaking, tolerance and addiction are not the same thing, even though tolerance can lead to physical addiction. I wouldn't worry about the Ativan right now. When you don't need it anymore, you can taper off of it, which is the best way. Especially if you aren't taking ever-increasing doses, I wouldn't worry. It really is more important to sleep well and deal well with chemo and other stuff! I think that mostly, providers propose many meds/treatments because they believe it will be helpful and they really want you to suffer as little as humanly possible. But I'm confident that you are seeing what you need and are charting a best-possible course! Your choices all have been seeming right-on to me.

      Also, just to say, Wed eve during your talk, you said something about practice--that you aren't doing "practice" perhaps so formally. From what I'm seeing, you're more BEING the practices rather than DOING the practices--a better 'attainment' I think! That's integration, and you just can't argue with that success.......sending love--call you when I get back from solitary---XO