Monday, August 20, 2012

Preliminary scan results

Mt. Davidson, SF
Found lots of emails this morning I hadn't gotten...going to switch it all to gmail. (suvannacullen [at]

Email from the lovely Dr. Littel:
The Pet scan shows that two of the small lung tumors have about the same signal, but the other ones have shrunk to where they are not visible. The two with signal are not any larger. There are no new tumors. Overall, there has been response to chemotherapy.  
Very best to you,
Ramey Littell, MD
Gynecologic Oncology 

I wasn't quite sure what 'with signal' meant...I suppose it's to do with brightness on the scan? So, there are no new detected tumors anywhere, and all the tumors in my lungs but two have disappeared. And the ones left are the same size they were.

Keeping in mind that the scan can only detect things larger than around 1 cm, so anything smaller will not show up on the scan. I forget which scan shows the smaller it the MRI? The tumors could all be there still, but too small to worse case is still that they have only gotten smaller...either way, it's good news...

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  1. Alright! This IS good news! A million hugs for you!