Monday, July 30, 2012

Why don't visitors believe in microclimates?

This is one.
Photo by SF Chronicle/Frederic Larson
A few days ago at a movie theater in Daly City - cool & socked in by fog - I told my nephew that a few miles south there would be sun, and at Julie's about 20 miles away, it'd be 20 degrees (F) warmer. He was skeptical, until we were sitting by the pool...

There are also microclimates within SF, because of the fog coming off the ocean. Apparently it's pressure from the Central Valley (where I am now) that draws the fog inland. From the Mission district where I live, you can see Twin Peaks, the highest hill in the city, where the fog often stays: fingers of fog crawling over the hills, or a big fog bank with the top of a radio tower sticking out of it. So our neighborhood tends to be on the warmer side, and sunny. Sometimes the wind on certain streets is very cold, but according to my friend in New Hampshire, people in San Francisco are not permitted to complain about the weather, so nevermind.  

My niece Paris in the fog at Twin Peaks
Looking up the weather here is usually not very useful, unless you're in the same neighborhood they're measuring the temperature, which you usually aren't. In foggy neighborhoods it's around 10 degrees colder. You often see tourists in shorts and t-shirts braving the foggy gale that regularly blows across the Golden Gate Bridge. The towns a couple of miles south of SF also get a lot of a fog. Anyway. Cancer. 

I am having a good time in Fresno. I was extremely tired Saturday so we didn't do much, or I didn't anyway. Laura has a lot of beads which provides hours of earring-making entertainment. On Sunday Po and Cull headed back to the OC. It was especially sad when Kathy left, might not see her again until next summer - 10 months.

Lunch at Max's bistro, sympathetic scarves
Coincidentally, my mom grew up in Fresno and I have a bunch of cousins there, two of which we visited yesterday. My aunt Jeannie's sons Terry and Johnny, and Terry's wife. I probably hadn't seen Johnny in 30 years.

Entertainment log since yesterday:
  • Olympic opening ceremonies. (As a friend said to me in an email: Did you think the opening ceremony was a messy but sometimes creative and occasionally amusing bit of self-referential and often incomprehensible-to-anyone-but-a-Brit money-burning exercise??)(Actually I liked it though all those things are true!)
  • Ghost Story (Kinear and Gervais)
  • Wristcutters: A Love Story (excellent, based on a short story by the excellent Etgar Keret)
  • It's Complicated (Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, crap)
  • Run the Wild Fields (crap)
  • Cat's Eye (early Stephen King, complete crap but I was into watching it)
  • Finished Kitchen Table Wisdom which Sara gave me. 
  • Started The 36-Hour Day which is a helpful book about Alzheimer's/the direction my mom is going. It is rather frightening.
  • Coming up from the library: Mindfulness-based cancer recovery by Linda Carlson and The Long Flood by Margaret Atwood.


  1. Speaking of, we happened to turn on the TV when the opening was starting, and trippy is exactly the right word. It definitely got better as it went on (are they always that long, jeez). I thought the salute to the NHS was hilarious. Nobody cheered.

  2. Have you seen this movie? I got it in one google with "film mother with alzheimer's lesbian". From '95!, and only available on VHS at the library! I think I can find a copy somewhere. It's really, really good.