Friday, August 24, 2012

Answer to my last question

When I wear makeup and a wig, people are shocked at how healthy-looking and energetic I am.

When I don't, not so much.

Got an eyebrow tutorial from Dhivajri and Dawn today. But I'm not sure I want to fill in the eyebrows anymore. It makes people think I feel better than I do. Oh, and I found out that "Steam Punk" is a thing. I do not have my finger on the pulse of contemporary culture, apparently. It's not even pointing to the pulse.

I need something to put between paragraphs, something like three asterisks, but classier, when I'm going to change topic in the next paragraph. Or the next sentence. Sometimes when I'm not finished editing I post anyway, because I want to get the info out there. I feel like I have no time lately, I know why!

For example, I don't think I explained the diff. between a PET and CAT scan very well. Suffice it to say, one means domesticated animals in general, and the other is a specific kind.

Chemo tomorrow. Then I'll be done in *6 weeks*.

I suddenly thought I'd like to go to Mexico for the retreat that starts November 1. I wrote to Dr. Nelson asking her if that seems reasonable. I finish chemo October 5. Why the hell not? Because chemo could be really horrible later? What if it isn't?

And furthermore, maybe I should go to Sri Lanka with Kathy in December?

Finally, don't watch Troll Hunter, the Norwegian The Blair Witch Project, but with red-eyed trolls. It is not as good as it sounds.

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