Thursday, August 16, 2012

A dull post?

(David Shrigley, I think)
I decided a few days ago not to spend the time that Laura's here all on practicalities.

So yesterday we took the ferry to Tiburon and had lunch at Sam's. Today we did so many things I can barely remember them. The main one was seeing War Horse at the Curran. It was fantastic. It quelled my theater jones.

I'm going to see if I can switch doctors. As much as I love Dr. Tavakoli, I'd rather have a more reliable presence.

I'm drinking fake banana-flavored barium in the morning, and bringing the other bottle with me to the CT/PET scan appointment at 1:15.

Laura went with me today to Feldenkrais, it was fab.

I applied for a scholarship to go to this 'personal writing' retreat put on by The Sun magazine October 26-28 at Esalen.

MY CAMERA BROKE. And so rather than buy another gadget, I may have to break down and get a real phone...

Is this post boring? I try to write every few one will be smashing...


  1. your blog is NEVER boring...
    get that phone
    huggggs xx

    1. Hey Lena, we saw 'War Horse' (the play)
      it was fantastic...xx

    2. oops just realised i already said that about 'war horse' in the post...

  2. I second that this is never, ever boring. You're a great writer and photographer! xoxo, Trish

  3. Good well glad my fears were unfounded!! xx