Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shaky trailer II

Mechanical horse at the Musee Mechanique
at Fisherman's Wharf which in general is a
terrible tourist trap
Strangely, I found my scan today... relaxing. You have to fast aside from this nasty (well not as bad as Chinese medicinal herbs) barium drink. After you get shot up with radioactive sugar, you sit still, alone in a room for half an hour. Oh yeah, and they check your fasting blood sugar. I think mine was something like 58. The trailer shakes a bit from the wind.

You have to lie completely still - very comfortable - on the scanning table which moves you through the tube three times. The first two times are the CT AKA 'Cat' scan which provides the sort of map to go with the PET scan. The third time through, it spends four minutes on each area as it makes its way down your body.

Other than my shoulders hurting from having my arms above my head for so long, it was amazingly relaxing and meditative. Even though it's in this weird trailer in what seems to be some kind of San Francisco wind corridor. The trailer is behind the Kaiser building at 2200 O'Farrell. They take you out there from reception, where there seems to be a permanent arctic gale. I am sorry for the folks that work in that trailer. Though I'm sure they get paid well...and they only work in SF two days a week, the rest of the time they no doubt get to milder micro-climes.

There was a lady with a cane on the lift with me up to the trailer (apparently people injure themselves on the stairs). She said last time she was fine, but she had gotten really bad neuropathy (numb feet) so she couldn't walk as well. She was sort of on the older side, don't know how old. I thought, geez, I guess my neuropathy isn't that bad...

After a 'Castro Omelette' breakfast at the Squat and Gobble in the Haight, we saw Total Recall at 1000 Van Ness. I enjoyed it, and, it seems, anything post-apocalyptic. Plus Colin Farrell is terribly hunky. I haven't been eating at home, at all, it's probably very bad. In fact...had popcorn at the theater with that super fake butter which probably has that fake fat stuff reputed to give one diarrhea, and it did. (Thankfully we had been early for the movie so I didn't miss anything.) Probably radioactive diarrhea, but that might be TMI?

Tomorrow: pilates, Kaiser cancer support group, and Dawn's KM ceremony at the Center.

I am astonished by my own stamina. In the past if I would do this much I would start to feel like I was on the verge of a breakdown. Even going to a movie...But I feel fine...

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