Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chemo dates

More borrowing from David Shrigley
I changed my chemo dates back to Fridays, because changing was causing other hassles. Plus I had a huge bruise on my hand after the last one. I thought perhaps it was worth sticking with David, who only works Weds-Friday.

So the dates are Fridays: Aug 24, Sep 14, Oct 5. Also in the next two weeks, I have: PET scan Thursday, appt with Dr. Nelson the following week, and Dr. Littel the following week. I'd write the dates but I can't find my calendar at the mo.

After I picked up Lo at the airport, we went for a walk at the reservoir and saw The Bourne Legacy (didn't think it was that great.) I've logged over 10,000 steps today on my pedometer. I was sure it must be wrong...but according to my calculations it's less than 3 miles.

A couple of days ago I wrote about how crap everything was. Most of that has since changed. No more burning pee, and I'm sleeping much better and not feeling depressed. My feet and face are still (say 15%) numb.

Need to plan a week away toward the middle or end of a chemo cycle... sick of the city...

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