Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Functions of hair

I stare, fascinated, at other people's eyebrows. It's astonishing how much they move around. My eyebrows probably look better than they ever have. After creating them, I dab on some hairspray with my finger. It shellacs them down so they last all day. They pass as hair eyebrows. Maybe I move them around, too.

I went outside yesterday and today with just a scarf on my head. It was 90-something degrees (34C), way too hot for the rug. It was all right.

You don't know about half the functions of your hair until you lose it. For one thing, hair softens the aging signs on your skin - on your face, on your arms, everywhere. You notice this when all or most of the hair is gone and wrinkles shout out. Hair is a buffer between your skin and the outside world. Your skin feels things more, it is truly naked. I remember reading The Naked Ape when I was in high school. That's me.

Your hair keeps the flow of mucus produced by your head from constantly dripping out of your nose. It keeps particulates out of your lungs.

Eyelashes keep crap out of your eyes, including flakes from the crap you put on your eyelids that pretends you have eyelashes.

Eyebrows make you look like something other than I, Robot, maybe, even, a human being.

Seems like my hair is likely to start growing again after about a month - maybe mid-November...In the mean time I bought another wig, identical to the main one I have except a little darker and redder.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon - with whatever hair you have. I'll be in SF for a couple of days before flying down to Mexico. Not sure where I'll be staying yet, but I'd love to visit with you. I get in the evening of the 28th and fly out on the 31st.