Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is truly prognostic*

Today Misha asked, as she usually does, what day (since chemo) it is. It's Day 7. Honestly, I thought it was around Day 400. Laura only left a few days ago. It's only been a week since I had chemo. Perhaps another week and I'll be ship-shape. Or not. But for a few days my suffering seemed to be eternal.

Anyway, she suggested peach kernel pills, which immediately solved my digestive problem. She also suggested I see her twice next week if the suffering does not abate, which I will do.

On Oct 18, at 11am, I will have a chest CT scan. I'll find out, again, whether the treatment worked, for a particular area of my body. The next scan will be a full body PET scan around four months later. Regarding the whole optimism/ pessimism issue: Since no matter what this scan shows, it doesn't mean anything about forever, or even the next six months, the significance of it has waned, in my mind. It's just another step. What's truly predictive are all the scans I get in the next 5-10 years.

After we got back from Misha's, Nancy and I went into the meditation hall, lay on the floor and did a body scan. It was great.

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*I like the word prognosis because it is related to the Sanskrit word prajñā. But whereas the Greeks were referring to knowledge of what is to come; Buddhists were interested in what precedes knowledge. (This knowledge is c/o Red Pine in his book on the Heart Sutra.)

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