Friday, October 19, 2012

Shaman II

Birth at Balmy Alley
A couple of weeks ago I went to see my friend Alan who is a shaman. Alan had said some things last time I saw him (June) that didn't sit well with me, about various things including what caused the cancer that I have. This is one of the things I followed up with him about and we had a great talk for about an hour and half. Alan has no interest in or faith in (or much knowledge of) science, genetics, etc. He said his views are what allows him to do the work he does. It's interesting how different people have a 'science' or 'spiritual' orientation. I think I have a combination of both. I think there are purely physical/biological causes to things, and there are also mental or karmic causes. It is difficult to determine causes, but I try to get all the types of conditions working in my favor!

I shared with him that it's a bit confusing to go to someone who is against chemotherapy in some way. The acupuncturist I went to before Misha was like that. She seemed to think chemo is more likely to kill you than anything else. That's the thing that's so great about Misha. She really understands what Western doctors do for people with cancer and how to support that process.

I have a lot of respect for Alan in his vocation as a healer. Last time I saw him I was more motivated me to 'pick up the ball' again and be more careful about what I eat. He has been very kind and supportive of me.

This time, and last time, he guided me through a relaxation/visualization & emailed the recording to me. I left feeling gratitude and very deeply relaxed.

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