Monday, July 2, 2012

Chemo Day 10

from left: Maya, Lena, Elaine, Padmatara,
Dawn, Prasadacitta, Shantinayaka, me
photo by Kathy Cullen
Been walking every day with Cull which really makes me feel better. Or I guess that's why I feel better, hard to say exactly why of course. We walked up the many steps to Noe Valley yesterday morning and then got unfathomably cheap massages. Also did a bit of yoga when I got up, so it's all good. Watched Crazy, Stupid Love which was funny though sentimental about monogamy in my opinion.

One morning I was sleeping
& Cull got  me a some bitchen scarves at Good Will. I'll model and post the pics at some point.

Yesterday was full-on. Walked through "Sunday Streets" on Valencia Street (sort of a fair type thing with no cars) to Rainbow grocery, made soup a la Rebecca Katz and had some folks over for dinner including a few drop-ins (Padmatara and Tejananda who had been in Yosemite.) It was great seeing Lena again who I haven't seen, we're pretty sure, in 9 years, and meeting her family. They're on vacation here, and live in Mexico City now.

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