Thursday, July 12, 2012

I gave away ice cream +

In the Kaiser elevator
Po bought some Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia while she was here and didn't get a chance to eat it. I gave it away.

I think part of the reason I have such active bowels is all the Chinese herbs I am taking. All I can say about that is, Crap I've got cancer!

The F key on my ergonomic keyboard suddenly doesn't work.

I sent a few excerpts from this - dammit you never realize how many F's you want to type until you can't anymore - blog to a contact at Wisdom publications. He didn't think it was salable for Wisdom, but called what I sent "striking and powerful". So that's something. I'll try Windhorse Publications.

I'm reading a novel about conjoined (previously known as 'Siamese') twins called the girls. It's interesting. 

Had two crucial naps today including one during my pre-chemo Misha session. Dawn's taking me to chemo tomorrow, then Jules will take over. 

My new wig is very oxy, by which I mean foxy. 

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