Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Continuing hair trauma, etc.

You can't tell yet that my hair is falling out. I mean, it still looks like I have a full head of hair. But it's falling out into my eyes all day. I have lots of very fine hair. At some point it's got to run out. Fact is that I am dreading my imminent and mandatory bald cancer patient costume. And I will get used to it. I've had a good run for eight months with a full head of hair!

 I've got the house to myself for a few days, which has been rare in the 18 years I've lived here, but is still rare now that people are staying with me most of the time! I enjoy both.

I will miss kitty and her advanced yoga poses
Rochelle brought me some beautiful scarves, and Helen brought over some food yesterday, and MJ and Viradhamma are going to do some errands for me. Yay! Unfortunately the kitty is going away soon (someone's moving in who's allergic to cats.) There's this place around the corner called PAWS that helps people who are really ill take care of their animals. But do they loan out animals? 

Had a nice chat today with Savanna in New York. Did my community service for Nancy's List (looking for potential funders at the Foundation Center) and while I was there got an email from Nancy saying she didn't really need me to look for funders after all! I did find a few places that might give me a writing grant. It was fun doing something different. I'm also thinking of appealing my Social Security which starts in August (that is, getting the lawyer to help me get the back pay going back to January.)

Starting to feel very jetlaggy, spacey. I think my version of the 21-day cycle is feeling ass-kicked toward the end. Today is Day 19. Must-have afternoon nap. I made a complicated schedule today of all my changing pills etc I take during the 21 days. In this phase of 6 days, I take 30 per day. I'm keeping up the walking every day... 

The wifi in our building has been down since last night so I am crashing Dawn and Prasadacitta's wifi at the mo...not done but gotta go home...


  1. The SPCA has volunteer opportunities that would put you in touch with animals, though I've never done it so don't know how much effort it requires (and unless you foster a kitten, you'd have to go to them). http://www.sfspca.org/support/volunteer/sfspca

    If you get lonely-for-animals syndrome, my dog will make house calls, and though he's not as chill as a cat, simply viewing him napping has been known to lower blood pressure. He does yoga poses every morning and throughout the day as needed. He sends his love.

  2. The Pumpkin has left the building.