Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Minor Updates

Sculpture with Apple laptop
outside herb shop 
Feel like I'm getting more tired by the minute, though happy. Po & I had a great lunch with Goya Salvadorean pupusas, a yummy beet salad and perfectly ripe mango. Then I slept like the dead for two hours. 

I'm thinking about signing up for this writer's workshop sponsored by The Sun at Esalen in Big Sur in late October. It's relevant to the writing I do on this blog, which I would like to publish in some form, at some point.

Yesterday we drove up to Sebastopol to pick up herbs for this chemo phase, Days 10-15. (Day 1 is the day I get chemo, last day of phase is 21.) Thankfully Po took over driving at some point, I was not driving well. Most of the time I'm not aware of being spacey but then again I don't have any challenging tasks.

So now I'm taking glutamine powder in liquid 3x/day, ground herbs in tea that tastes like broth twice a day, and some other vitamins and herb pills. And eating yummy healthy food made by my sisters. Tonight it was chick pea and artichoke heart stew. 

So far not having an appetite is not in any way an issue, quite the opposite. I do have trouble getting to sleep - like last night I finally fell asleep around midnight and woke up around 10 minutes later. But that could just be a menopause thing. 

"The sky is my wig"
I'm finishing Paul Auster's Moon Palace, and next will be Didion's perhaps relevant to my situation Year of Magical Thinking. Next in line is the girls by Lori Lansens. Watched a Disney movie John Carter with Po last night, described by Lost Weekend staff as 'epic'. It was all right, based on a comic book, the same guy who wrote Tarzan. Then an episode of Dr. Who with Matt Smith. 

Just got a text from Mary that Natural Beauty Salon in West Portal has free wigs for cancer patients...   

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