Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daily Grind

Driving back from Julie's,
into the fog
Here's what I try to regularly do/take. Almost all of it is advised by Misha though vitamin B6 and glutamine for neuropathy, and exercise, are also recommended by Kaiser.
  • 500mg vitamin D
  • 1000mg calcium; 500mg magnesium
  • Krill (fish) oil
  • B complex with 100mg B6
  • Marrow Plus herbs - for blood counts - 9 per day, plus different herbs depending on where I am in the 21 day chemo cycle. (Day 1-10, 11-15, and 16-21 have different herb blends. I am now on Day 17.) 
  • Health Concerns brand herb pills for Days 16-21, though I haven't gotten them yet. I didn't think about it until it was too late to get them from Misha on Friday. Rx is 5 "Enhance" and 2 "Cordyceps PS" 3x/day for this phase. 
  • Glutamine to help with neuropathy - 1 TBSP in water 3x/day
  • Moxa (heat from burning herbs applied to acupuncture points)(helps with many things including digestion and neuropathy)
  • Also for neuropathy, keep my feet warm
  • Walk - minimum half an hour a day
  • Massage every few weeks
  • Yoga for super tight hips (should be every day)
  • Feldenkrais, pilates (just getting started with these things)
  • Cooking whole/organic foods, no or little added sugar
  • Support group every week or two
  • That's all I can think of
Po looks like she's praying
but I think she's driving
I'm very focused on myself, which I sort of have to be. I'm also thinking about using my spare energy to think of others more. I told Nancy from Nancy's List (which seems like a really great org that among other things regularly offers free sails around the bay to people with cancer) that I would help with looking for funding. Hopefully I will still have the energy next week to spend a few hours at the Foundation Center downtown.  

Though my hair has started falling out today in great swathes, and I am very tired (of course it's also 1:30am), I have felt remarkably well for the last week or so. Paulette was here doing a lot for me - laundry, cleaning, cooking, errands - it was awesome. I'm taking her to the airport in a few hours. 

After running my fingers
through my hair...
Monday I need to track down the new Chinese meds, probably have to go to Misha's. And Jeff may appear for another visit! 

Weds morning I do my blood tests and talk to Dr. T. Then Chemo #2 with Julie on Friday, the 13th... 

House will be empty for just a a day or two, just me and the kitty before Jeff arrives...  

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