Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tripping & nose hairs

Jewish museum
I've had a runny nose for some time now & was wondering if I have a cold, though it didn't seem like it. So the big news is that this happens because, apparently, I don't have any nose hair. Revelation? 

I'm in Fresno for the weekend with my three sisters (in the sizzling Central Valley of California, three or so hours' drive from San Francisco.) Can't sleep. Laura can't sleep either. She's scratching one of those more involved lottery tickets with a quarter. And we talked about my mom who has Alzheimer's; it's terrible. Nine milligrams of melatonin later, slumber....

Earlier we watched the biopic Temple Grandin, then part of her TED talk. She talked about 'seeing in pictures' and how to a cow, a man on a horse and a man standing are two different things...I was pondering how essentially what she did is revolutionize cow slaughtering. I think if I went to a feedlot, redesigning it would be about the last thing on my mind...her work has relieved a great deal of suffering, though I guess it didn't relieve death. 

From Wish Tree by Yoko Ono
A couple of nights ago Cull & I watched Tin Men (with Danny Devito and Richard Dreyfuss, who looked a little like Paul Newman.) I liked it. We also saw the first five minutes of Romance & Cigarettes, Fools Rush In, and Tea with Mussolini. They were from the library, Fools was the worse. Too bad, 'cause Matthew Perry can be very funny.

Did I say anything about my talk at the Center? It was intense for me, but I did enjoy it and will upload it, hopefully along with some other talks, to (At the mo, having some technical issues.)

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Photo by Kathy Cullen
I've been tripping a lot lately. Not in the usual sense of the word (when I use it) of strange or interesting. In the cancer pilates class yesterday, which was great, we did a few balancing type exercises. Generally I have good balance. Then getting up to go to the bathroom I tripped and almost fell over. I can only guess it's from the numb feet. I'll tell Dr. T. about it on Weds and maybe he will reduce my chemo dosage. 

I'm getting more tired. It's not exactly sleepy, and it's a bit wired at the same time. It causes craving for coffee and sweets (but not too bad.)

I'm getting used to the hair situation. Laura said to me yesterday that I am beautiful and it doesn't matter what my scalp has on it, or something like that. It was nice.

I'm not quite done with this post, but my sisters and I are sitting around the tube talking (loudly) upon various topics, watching the Olympics, and doing a vocabulary test from the internet, so going to have to wrap it up.

Wish Tree II

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  1. We loved Temple Grandin, also. I thought it was interesting that it took someone with autism to try to alleviate the suffering of cattle in the slaughterhouses. Perhaps, if you feel too much empathy, you are unable to focus on something like that. We who are repulsed, turn away. Of course, if slaughtering animals was stopped altogether, that would be best. But, in the world we live in, that isn't happening. And so, it took a Temple Grandin to be able to turn towards the suffering of the animals.

    Laura is right - what does beauty have to do with your hair, or lack of it? I see your beauty in your smile, in your being.

    Love & metta,