Thursday, July 5, 2012

A good day to have cancer

Photo by Kathy Cullen
Mon Dieu, as the French say, what a great day I had! I ate like a cochon...and I felt great.

Spent the morning at Land's End walking around and catching up with my wonderful friend Lena who I haven't seen in a long time. Then a deluxe lunch at The Beach Chalet. I really splashed out, having iced tea and a decaf coffee. Not to mention the duxelles and mache. Can you imagine the debauchery?

The lady who teaches pilates for cancer patients at UCSF called me back - she was encouraging me to keep up the exercise. She said more and more research is showing that exercise makes a huge difference. (Come to think of it, not sure if the difference is in tolerance of the treatment, curing cancer, or both.)  In terms of how I feel, it makes a huge difference. It seems like the less I move, the less I can move. And the more I move, the more energy I have. To an extent.

Then we picked up Po, dropped Lena off downtown and headed for Misha's, where poor Jerome had to give another moxa tutorial, this time for Po (last one was for Kathy, but we both then forgot about it.) They want me to do it every's the same principle as the needles, but applying heat's like holding a cigar that smells vaguely of marijuana (but is mugwort) an inch or so away from the skin at certain points in my abdomen and feet. The heat feels great.

Then back home and bought some fruit at the farmer's market and got a wonderful statue of the Buddha in the mail from Anilashri. Po called the American Cancer Society for me - I'll be getting a wig appointment soon. She is watching me write this and thought I might want to mention that she mopped the kitchen floor, too.

I am astonished again today by kindness.

My foot today

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