Friday, May 3, 2013

Yesterday, and rental criteria

A gathering of nice folk with Sanskrit names. 
Very nice time last night, dinner at Dhivajri's with people you may not know, but it was relaxing with great food, and I surprised myself being able to carry on some level of conversation.

Earlier, lying on Misha's table, I was reminded of that scene with the blood-filled elevator in "The Shining". When the doors slide open, it comes pouring out in slow motion, pounding out a river down the wide corridor. A voilent image, but for me it was more about the chemicals that seem to be pounding through my body, and hugely impacting my mind. It's such a strange experience of myself, I can hardly begin to describe it. It does involve energy. Lots of manic and possibly somewhat optimistic energy, and a kind of bodily confusion.

Besides whatever is caused by the brain zapping, the chemicals are Ambien (zolpidem) for sleep, Memantine (namenda), an Alzheimer's drug used for retaining more brain power after radiation, and dexamethazone a steroid against potential brain swelling. Dr. Patel just called and said if I haven't gotten a headache or anything after this weekend, I can stop taking the steroids on Monday. (Tapering down until then.)

Karunamati (psychiatrist) who is visiting from the UK/Nepal suggested I ask to speak to a neurologist and get tested for cognitive stuff. It's a good idea.

Someone asked me what "the peninsula" is. San Francisco is on a peninsula, yes? The part that's just underneath (south) of San Francisco is called "the [rest of the] peninsula," the pink part on the map. The airport is there. Parts of it are like the Russian steppe with strip malls, parts are rather urban, parts quite rural and hilly, like where we go on retreat. Belts of fog criss-cross it. Very different topographies and climates on the peninsula.

Thanks to those who have been looking at Craig's List for me! It's awesome. I can't go see anything until after Monday, and I don't know what shape I will be in then in any case, but here's what I'm thinking:
  1. Location: Depends on what's out there, so at this point, hard to be specific. At the mo, hoping something suitable on peninsula, and if not, wondering about places in or near Santa Cruz mountains, and the East Bay. 
  2. Good weather (not in a fogbelt).
  3. 2 or 3 BRs. 
  4. Up to $2500/month. Might be flexible. 
  5. Lots of trees.
  6. Quiet/private. No shared rooms.
  7. Ground floor? Some stairs are OK. 
These things would be even more awesome:
  1. Near public trans. esp. BART train. 
  2. Prefer older places rather than new, and wood/floors rather than carpet.
  3. Garden/yard.
  4. “Single family dwelling”, not an apartment. 
  5. Rural feeling involving trees and dirt paths.
  6. Near medical stuff?


  1. A pretty impressive log for the brain challanged. You are amazing in many ways.

  2. Definitely, you are an amazing, honest and thoughtful woman! I'm enjoying every entry and every list you are making. I read this online last week or so, and he has some interesting things to say, especially about the importance of "enjoying every sandwich".