Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What it is, or looks like

One of the technicians took a photo for me today, Day 7/10.

This is what it looks like, which comes as a surprise to me, too, since I can't see anything from inside that net.

After they bolt me in (which is being done by the arms at the right) they line up the laser crossbeam to the bits of tape on the mask. That's how they get my skull in exactly the same position each time.

Then they leave the room and that blue circle, the arm of the machine, buzzes on that side of my head for a minute, then whirs over to the left side and does the same.

Today they 'took some film', whatever that means, confirming the setup I think, so it took a few minutes longer, but the whole deal usually takes about three minutes.

Today we did talk to Dr. Patel, who is a lovely sweet man. Might be the last time I see him. Hope so! Or there could be some 'gamma knife' (very focused high intensity) radiation in my future, to my lungs or brain or somewhere else...

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