Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Surface tension

Radiation above the line,
includes ears and forehead.
Turns out most of the symptoms I listed yesterday are caused by the radiation. After noticing the nurse I was supposed to talk to seemed to be leaving for lunch, I ended up seeing to Dr. Patel. Apologies for the pangs of jealousy some of you got reading that. Dr. Patel is popular with the ladies. It is hard to understand how one could go through medical school and have the job that he has and still be so sweet and sympathetic.

My forehead is bright red. Unfortunately they didn't tell me that was part of the deal, so I haven't been putting the burn creme on it. (He apologized!) My inner ears itch like crazy. He looked in them, said they're just irritated. The urinary pain is probably scarring/fibrosis from the last radiation I got. I just have to decide if it's bad enough for me to want some intervention, or if I can live with it.

Half-dose of the dex. for five days. Time to start feeling crap!

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