Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Radiation was weird

Stumbled in there after sleeping 4-8am, and nice people started doing things to my head, most of which I couldn't see, but I could feel the ratcheting down onto a table, and machines making noises, whirring around, and people posing cheerful questions to me when I am essentially gagged. There is not much effect or side effect, it seems, 'til after it's over.

Upon removal of the ratcheted mask I looked like a Star Trek character; felt a bit like one, too. Then multiple snafus trying to get prescriptions filled at the "convenient" pharmacy down there (South SF), which was a bust. Did you know that snafu is a military term from World War II? It meant "Situation Normal--All Fucked Up."

I'm going to look for a house to live in, 2 bedrooms, on the peninsula, but can't really look at anything until after this weekend.The East Bay is a lot cheaper and I could probably get something twice as big, but right now it feels far away. Marin seems good for what I'm looking for, too, but even further away, and no train. Need to see what's available. Here on our little peninsula we seem to have a mental barrier to crossing bridges, or some of us do.

Going to be seeing Misha a lot more over the next few weeks.

If anyone would like to take me to radiation tomorrow (Thursday) that would be fine, if you have a car or can drive a manual transmission. It's at 11:30 at Oyster Point. (It's fine for me to go on my own, too, especially the first week.)


  1. Can't get over the fact that you have eyebrows. Did you say something about radiation! Ha! love, laura

  2. I looked at this picture again tonight, and again was seized by a craving to go buy eye shadow in various lovely greens and turquoises and come paint your eyelids like a fabulous alien reptilian creature (from Epsilon Eridani?). And then, a feather boa, too. I'm sorry you have such weird friends.....