Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Needles counted, help, class taught, and partly fine

Saw Misha and counted the needles in my head: 22. Got some weird pictures.

Asked Tong to pick up prescription (brain helper), which I ran out of over the weekend. He kindly did so and left it in my mailbox where I retrieved it later. Trish is picking me up some corn silk (for tea) from Rainbow. I lost what I had (twice actually) and Misha says I should have it every day. And Dhammagita did some breath work with me this morning which increased my lung capacity, awesome. She also brings me delightful things, like a rubber baby's head that has a faint but unmistakable mohawk.  

I taught a lunchtime stress reduction/ meditation class today. It went very well, It's at a groovy shared workspace type place on 2nd street. However, it is fucking crazy that I am teaching this class, well, at this time - which now that i think of it is probably a low point say in the last 7 or 8 months, if not longer! Fact is, I'm a little bit stupid, is the shorthand. Yes. Things you wouldn't have noticed as taxing in any way, like making a decision of any kind, reaching across the bed for something just out of reach, navigating anywhere, a flight of stairs, planning anything, driving, talking...blogging I can do lying down. But after many hours of lying down, I can have fairly normal energy for an hour or two.

Have an idea for an art project. A Wheel of Fortune with a symbol for each side effect (they seem to do something of a rotation) and remedy. Or maybe a clock with many hands. Inside of a body. Or brain. 

Listening to Tibetan monks with their super low voices chant healing verses (Sacred Healing Chants of Tibet), I'm really enjoying it.

I feel like crap on one level, and it is challenging responding to new limitations (and not knowing if I will have them for a few weeks, or many months.)  There's also some part of me that is fine, not wrecked at all. Even though right now I am very sleepy and my body aches, I feel in touch with it. Time to sleep. 

"Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred."


  1. Oh here you are. Just found post. The light continues to shine even if the house it shelters is a little knackered. Know the feeling xxxx

  2. Beautiful Hafiz quote. Will be sending metta from retreat.


  3. Vidyamala says it well. Your light continues to glow, and it's a pleasure to receive it, even if just for a minute in a kitchen.