Friday, May 24, 2013


Left side of head,
definitely South America
Here's what I wish I had RIGHT NOW! Even Dhammagita, who generally speaking  has everything you ever need, now or in the future, in her purse, doesn't have them! (She did have a few good cough drops, which is how I found out they're all not like candy.)
  • A few cute, light hats that are not weird to wear inside. Trilby is one kind. Canvas short brim? (Fishing hat, canvas bucket hat?) I now have 2 in beige. A couple more, fairly neutral, would be fab I will need them for months until my hair grows back. 
  • An overbed tray table (for eating in bed.)
  •  I was craving dill pickles for two days but that seems to have passed. Tong brought me an excellent, very spicy jar last night. (I ate four of them!)

I did stop taking the steroids, and life is much better without them, tho' they probably help me have energy that's more similar to other people. Itchy ear canals have stopped, and fore/head much less burnt. However, so far I seem to have around 1-3 hours available per day of non-lying-down-activities. For example, today I was NOT lying down or asleep from 5-8:30pm. It is a huge mental adjustment, realizing that I am able to do almost nothing but lie in bed.

Here's a cancer blog Ashokashri sent. by a woman doctor in England. I enjoyed it. Reminded me a bit of mine!

Apparently many people have given to a fund to get Parami out here to do my anagarika ceremony in June. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. 

Wells Fargo Stage Coach Museum anyone?
Wtih Dhammagita.

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