Friday, September 21, 2012

Only three things

Made soup yesterday:
various beans, kale, portabello, zucchini, corn
I've decided I need to pair down my calendar to three things per day. For example, yesterday: skype call with Pasadini, acupuncture, and dinner at Foreign Cinema with Danamaya and Julie. Today: pilates class, Kaiser support group, and skype call with Kathy.

I skipped the pilates today though and stayed in bed watching a movie, Walking Tall, recommended in a nonfiction book I am reading. I must agree with the incarcerated ladies in my book, that Wayne Johnson, who hails from Hayward, is super fine. It was a good movie. My barometer for that is based on whether, or how many times, during the movie, I think, That's dumb! or That doesn't work, or What a shitty actor. It's pretty much a violent vigilante movie about a guy who always does the right thing...and very well done! (Apparently the ladies in the West Virginia prison didn't care for Lost in Translation.)

The Kaiser support group was good, some sad stuff. Terry and John weren't there so not as many regulars. One lady doesn't have a stomach. (I almost said, Wow, free gastric bypass surgery but decided against it.) A new guy with slurred speech from a tumor on his tongue told us about trying to walk to the bathroom and passing out in his apartment...I like going to that group. Two women - including one with a tracheotomy - had been clear of cancer for six years, and yet they attend this group every time I've been there.

Le shot.
Two more days.
And I heard that there is a shot you can take for blood counts which you do only once (as opposed to seven times like the one I am doing!) It occurs to me that their blood counts might have needed less of a boost because of the kind of chemo they're doing? Anyway if it's suggested I do the daily shots again after the next chemo, I'll ask about it.

My digestion feels like it has completely shut down, and I don't want to do anything, though I know I need to and that following the impulse makes me feel worse. I must go for a walk before I talk to Kathy...

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