Monday, September 10, 2012


SF Botanical Gardens with Kitty
My last chemotherapy session, for this round anyway, is 24 days from today. (Penultimate is this Friday.)

Had a fab time giving a talk at the Gay Buddhist Fellowship on Sunday. What lovely guys. I was telling Padmatara, it's one thing to give a talk that people find useful, or moving or whatever. At this talk, I felt people's hearts open, how delightful that was. I'd post the talk here but they haven't put it up yet (looks like they haven't posted any talks since mid-August.) One guy who I bonded with during the Q&A about (non-) fear of death wants to give me a free massage.

Last night I watched Season 1 and episode 1 of both Battlestar Galactica and Oz. I read several essays and poems from The Sun retreat that I probably won't go to. I especially enjoyed this story by Frances Lefkowitz, The Gifted Classes. It's about growing up poor and angry in San Francisco, very beautifully written.

In general, I'm feeling hella bored with cancer. Ten months!


  1. Yay! And may it go easily and quickly--the chemo.

    Btw--I do read all your blog posts and enjoy them a lot. I don't often know what 'helpful' means, but I feel I've come to understand your experience a lot deeper because of what you write. Sometimes, certain things resonate in surprising ways to me.

    Also, when is Julie back? Let's plan a date for Foreign Cinema (my pocket is burning....burning....!)