Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everything is fine, and everything is not fine

What I mean by 'pre-chemo blood tests'
(though I don't say it in this post.)
Photo by Paulette Cullen.
I had an incredibly busy day today, by my standards. Intense skype call (more on that later), then shopping for bedding at Anna's Linens (that place is huge! don't think I've been in there before, it's around the corner from here), rushing back to wash said bedding, probably breaking washing machine (smelled burning, possibly someone's bbq smoke, during spin cycle), then getting stuck with needles at Misha's, driving way across town to fogland and the dentist and those smells and sounds and cold tooth nerve pains, then looking for parking off Barlett St. because of the Farmer's market, walking home buying stuff at Walgreen's, and three colors of beans (green, purple, and yellow) at market, then teaching the drop-in meditation class with Dawn, then getting the car and bringing back to Bartlett St. Well, it sounds like a lot to me.

And now it's 10pm, and I have to wake up early (by my standards) for chemo, so details - including anything relating to the title of this post - will have to wait...

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