Saturday, November 17, 2012


Armando Romanelli, 2005 (Brazil) 
Got a note from Misha. She knows Dr. Gonzalez in New York. She again suggested Keith Block, but we will talk on Nov 27. My only issue with seeing Block is that I don't know anyone in Chicago. Based on the websites, Dr. B. does seem better.

Did a short day trip to Guanajuato yesterday, a 500 year old city. It was like being in Spain, only with brighter colors, graffiti, mariachis, and Mexican food! The taxi driver said they call San Miguel "Gringolandia"... but it's good and quiet for writing. In the main square (I think) an Australian woman gave me a flyer for an Indian restaurant, where I went to eat. I bought some sprouted bread from them. She said it had no sugar in it but I doubted it. Anyway it was better than anything else I've had lately. I wanted to ask her if it was a hari krishna restaurant but didn't have the nerve for some reason. Walking around I saw flyers for some language schools: the Escuela Mexicana and Learn Spanish Adelita...tempting. I didn't get any good pictures of the city, only of renditions of Don Quixote from the Museo Iconográfico del Quijote. It's delightful that one can take photos in Mexican museums.

Quixote-like figure from the creator of
La Calavera Catrina, Jose Guadalupe Posada
Should I stop saying my toes are numb? Perhaps I'll let you know if they're ever not numb. I wear double wool socks whenever I can. (Wondering if the numbness is only noticeable when I walk down stairs.) Sadly I left the glutamine that's supposed to help (don't know if it actually does) at home. Also, was shitting blood yesterday, the effect of eating little fiber on my irradiated guts...I think my December holiday will have to include a kitchen.

I'm back in the biblioteca publica in San Miguel. Must buy something today. Am not into shopping, at all. After lunch...

I'll be in So. Cal. on Tuesday, home around the following Tuesday.


  1. I'll go to Chicago with you. Anywhere.

  2. I think getting treatment from him would mean staying there for quite a while...

  3. I'll stay there with you for quite a while.