Friday, November 23, 2012

Points of view on lungs

Resin Cast of the Human Lungs
and Bronchial Tree by Ralph Hutchings
Resin Cast of Human Lung Section Showing the
Bronchi and Bronchioles (Yellowish) Airways (White)
by Ralph Hutchings
Unattributed from Fuck Yeah Anatomy blog


  1. Something I found in today's Chron; I don't know if you could even get in on this trial (different target organ), but since sometimes things are tried in people 'off label', I couldn't help but wonder how this would act on your tumors?

    Hope to see you soon! Loads of love to you!

  2. A friend sent me another new therapy for metastatic disease in the liver, called a "chemo bath":
    It's been tried on two people in London.

    1. Wow, and lungs could be a possibility! Would have to be really quick, though, with some hyperoxygenation before and after--wouldn't want get too far in to hypoxemia. But I don't know...I guess the question would be how far down an extreme track do you want/need to go at this point? If any of this stuff were available....I wonder what your doc has found in the literature.

      Anyway, I'll really be happy to see your lovely self when you get back. Hugs!--DM