Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gramma's squash pie

I'm at my dad's watching a James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974. Currently the midget who played Tatoo on Fantasy Island is pelting Roger Moore with bottles of champagne. I just made a huge pot of mashed potatoes. All I put in it is peeled potatoes, some of the water I boiled them in, and garlic. Don't tell anyone.

Today I got up early and drove to Banning to pick up my mom. She is doing well. She seems in good spirits and her memory doesn't seem as bad as it sometimes is. My dad is slowing down a lot.

Gramma's squash pie recipe
I've felt rather energetic since I got here, not that there aren't issues, but having energy is cool. I also felt a bit crabby today for some reason, possibly from not meditating in three days due to early morning duties. Dinner tonight was at Souplantation (virtually equivalent to Fresh Choice in Northern California). I love a big salad with lots of different veg (no bread, dessert or pasta!)

Laura emailed me some info about the tumor-reducing potential of cannabinoids. There's a clinical trial for brain cancer at UCSD. It's interesting but I don't feel hopeful about being able to find a clinical trial.

Licking mom's shins
Logged 8,000 steps on my pedometer today.

OK. Friends and 30 Rock reruns or bed...

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