Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cheeseball cancer movie

Los colores del
 Mexican cheese puff
I'm in the bigger upstairs room at my dad's, watching a not-great but nevertheless tear-jerking Hallmark Channel cancer movie called "Living Out Loud". Ever notice that chemo patients in movies only lose the hair on their head? They have perfect hair-based eyebrows.

I was going to transcribe a bunch of quotes from Dr. Fuhrman's book, but don't have the wherewithal. Anyway, I'm a vegetarian again. The book is basically a summary of about 2,000 studies related to nutrition, and a suggested fresh vegetable and fruit intensive nutritional program. He cites numerous links between fat and protein - especially but not only animal fat and protein - and disease. (I am already avoiding most of the types of foods he suggests but not eating enough veg.)

It's great to be united with my heating pad and pedometer, etc., again. I'm driving out to pick up my mom in the morning to bring her back here for Thanksgiving.

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