Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alternative therapies, post from México D.F.

Renzo somehow attracted to the shrine
OK I won't stop blogging, probably, until I'm dead or there's no wifi. (One of those will occur Nov 1-9.)

There's a New Yorker article (Feb 5, 2001) about an oncologist called Nicholas Gonzalez,"The Outlaw Doctor," that a friend sent. It's very interesting. His influences (from early 20th century) were: dentist and microbiologist Dr. Wm. Kelley, and embryologist Dr. John Beard. I need to read the New Yorker article more thoroughly. The thing that bugs me is when people only offer positive results of their treatments. It was the same in the video about Gerson Therapy (I believe it's on Netflix.) It very strongly implies that they only ever get positive results, no one dies.  I'd love some statistics like "X% of the people with Stage Y cancer I've treated who followed the program were alive five years after treatment." I suppose I could write or call them and ask for that kind of info and see what they say.

Should I be seeking out alternative treatments during this time "between treatments" rather than traveling? I can't help but obsess over this question, and others. But the retreat will give me something else to focus on.

In the mean time I've had a lovely two nights and one day with Lena and Maya here in Mexico City. They are lovely people! And Dawn arrived tonight. Tomorrow morning Lena, Dawn and I will head to the retreat.

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