Sunday, November 18, 2012

Radiation redux?

Had a chat on skype with Candradasa last night, and with Paramananda a few days ago. Dhammagita sent me the photo of Paramananda's son, Harvey, at a science museum dressed as a cockroach. He's rather angelic looking isn't he?

I finished A Portrait of the Artist and enjoyed it though there were Latin, Catholic and Irish terms neither my Kindle dictionary nor I understood. I usually like to read a Mexican novel when I am in Mexico (etc) but a deeply Catholic memoir works here, too.

I am reading Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman (originally loaned to me by Tania.) It makes sense. Well. It may only be interesting if you are particularly concerned with your health, or with losing weight. The health problems he mentions are mostly a result of the 'modern American diet' (MAD) which I have not had for a long time, and about health problems other than cancer, but I thought this was interesting:
La Parroquia, San Miguel
The link between  thinness and longevity, and obesity and a shorter lifespan, is concrete. Another important consideration in other animal studies is that fat and protein restriction have an additional effect on lengthening life span. Apparently, higher fat and higher protein intake promotes hormone production, speeds up reproductive readiness and other indicates of aging, and promotes the growth of certain tumors. For example, excess protein intake has been shown to raise insulin-like growth factor (ICF-1) levels, which are linked to higher rates of prostate and breast cancer. 
The notes reveal that some of these studies were around hormone sensitive cancers (not what I have.) I have certainly been increasingly overweight, which I'm not prepared to say "caused" my cancer, but OTOH it couldn't have helped. I want to get with the J Fuhrman plan once I get back to my dad's.

The last few days I've felt that the side effects from the radiation are re-emerging. My hips feel very tight and sore, and when I try to stretch them a bit, they hurt more later. I am also very tired the last few days. Is it from the food? Dr. Fuhrman might say yes. Actually I think another factor might have been the writing, or at least, sitting still for hours at a time.

...I'm back in Mexico City, or, as the locals say, Mexico. Leaving in the morning.

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