Thursday, April 25, 2013

One thing, another, or both

Photographer Jo Spence
(don't know title)
Waking up at 5 this morning I thought of Roseanne Roseannadanna from the old Saturday Night Live shows. She would say, “If it ain't one thing, it's another.” Too true. Lately, seems like it's both things. Probably was both at some point for the comedienne, too, who died of ovarian cancer.

Did I mention that when I talked to Dr. Nelson she was emphatic about me picking up a prescription for steroids (dexamethazone) that day. She wanted me to become a professional baseball player! Wait. That wasn't it. It was something about brain mets being associated with swelling, and also that I'd need to be taking them 48 hrs before getting radiation. So I'm taking them, and I was kinda happy because they give you energy, but much of the time, you're still tired, just that relaxing isn't as relaxing. I will probably be getting more exercise though so that is good.

I've gotten several sweet emails I want to post sometime.

And I want to write about my last convo with the social worker, and related thoughts about what goes on when people tell me they want to help.

Remembered (but did not have documented because of losing calendar) that I am giving a talk at the GBF on Sunday! Which feels like kind of a big deal. I will come up with something!


  1. Drugs are good! Talk to you on monday!

  2. I appreciate steroids as well, though I'm sorry you need them for this. Once I read a Dr. Weil book about health where he recommended knowing what kind of images cheer you up, so that if you are ever ill you can surround yourself with them. I chose fat baby animals (especially if they are with their moms or other babies). In that spirit, here are some llamas who are visiting old people. No babies involved, but very cheerful nonetheless.