Monday, April 29, 2013


Super long day today, and I am bushwhacked.

Will write more tomorrow (and post a picture of my brain!) but for now, the short version is that we met with Dr. Patel, the radiation oncologist. I will be getting "entire brain radiation" - which isn't exactly entire brain radiation because it misses the parts that are important to miss - starting this Wednesday for the next 10 weekdays, so May 1-14.

It's actually much less scary once you talk to the doctors who deal with this shit all day, like it's normal.

Thinking again about moving out of this room and this building, which I'm realizing is a bigger deal than I thought, almost a small death in itself.

If you are reading this, I love you.

More tomorrow.


  1. Even when I'm not reading this, I'm loving you.

  2. Me three! Acarasiddhi--what a beautiful statement. I can only echo it.

  3. Me too! The years away haven't diminished my love and fondness for you. ... also honestly in awe of your grace.

  4. I'm reading this, and feeling loved, and loving you.

  5. Love you, too, Suvarnaprabha. xoxoxo