Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More from the dusty frontlines

Behind furniture,
Note that "vacu um cle aner" and "air pur ifier" can't be written normally here, or else they turn into links to online stores. Very annoying.

Hridayashri found the HEPA filter in the vac uum cleaner, which I cleaned and put back in. Then I took the vaccum apart a bit to clear it out,and tried to rid my bedroom of the layer of dust I created by vacuuming the super dusty 'picture rail' (I think it's called) yesterday. The HEPA filter is tiny. Does it really do anything?

Someone gave me an air pu rifier which has been blowing dust all over my room for the last few days. So I need a new filter for that, but the amazing thing is that Shantinayaka gave me just a regular dust mask, you know, for construction workers or whatever. I wore it the whole time I was in the clutches of vacuuming madness. Along with my Laney College goggles of yesteryear, it helped a great deal with the coughing. I coughed maybe once or twice total, less than I have coughed in some time. Though breathing your own breath isn't the best part of that, but you get used to it.

Some friends have suggested that I should ask (or pay) other people do these (ideally) dust-defying tasks, which makes sense when I am not using a mask. But with the mask, there is no reason for me not to do it. If my main job these days is staying alive, this is helping me do that, and I have the energy for it.

A new look
Robin left me some lentil-potato-kale soup yesterday. Yay! Lately, I am very motivated to do certain things, and amazingly unmotivated to do others, for the last week or so, such as cooking or food shopping. Also my PayPal balance got to '0' and a few days later someone gave me $250 which is very handy.

I picked up some juices yesterday from my new favorite place. It's $6.50 for 16 oz. of juice, which isn't bad considering it's organic, not pasteurized, and made daily. I'm not exactly doing a cleanse, in that I had a huge slice of pizza (artichoke hearts and mushrooms) for lunch, with a Roots 1* chaser. It was the best lunch ever.

* Roots 1 juice: beet, carrot, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery.


  1. Warren Zevon's famous life advice on the tonight show was "Enjoy every sandwich." Or pizza or smoothie.

  2. Mary, thanks for the link to the Zevon article -- I've just started it and I'm enjoying it big-time.