Friday, April 19, 2013

Chemo Lite?

This is what my hair looks like
when I don't press it down after
showering. Don't know if you

can tell how fluffy it is!
Misha let me know that the treatment I had in mind wasn't exactly "Chemo Lite" as I had supposed. Avastin, apparently, can have very serious consequences even after you stop taking it. Because it's (ideally) stopping the blood supply to tumors, it messes with your blood.

Looking at the studies is frustrating because much of them I can't understand. One study says all 11 ovarian cancer patients on Bevacizumab (Avastin) had gastrointestinal complications, fistulas, perforations, etc. Four of these patients died of the perforations within one year. I must ask Dr. Nelson what her experience with this is.

Yesterday was "Dutch Day". Viradhamma and I had a great time at the De Young with the Vermeer and the Rembrandts, then later Tong and I went to see the primatologist, Frans de Waal, who studies compassion and other moral behaviors (reconciliation, fairness, empathy, cooperation) in primates. He was funny, and he had great footage. Elephants doing puzzles that can only be solved cooperatively. A capuchin monkey (who gets a cucumber slice at the same time that another monkey gets a grape) throwing the slice back and banging his fist on the ground. A three year old chimp looking thoughtfully through glass at a three year old human (kind of reminded me of the Rembrandt portraits actually.) He also had amazing info. about, of all things, the relationship between sympathetic yawning and empathy in general. It was cool.

I'm in much less pain after taking antibiotics for the bladder infection. I got an email though from Dr. Nelson today saying that the tests did not indicate that I have a bladder infection. Who knows!


  1. Lou might be able to help interpret your medical info if that would be helpful. BASTARDS.

  2. Might be worth asking Misha whether D-mannose is a good recommendation for your bladder symptoms. It's not an antibiotic. It's a type of sugar that keeps bacteria from being able to cling to the bladder wall. I've used this one, which includes cranberry. You can get locally. It was helpful with irritation even when I was told I didn't have an infection. Cute hair, btw. :)