Sunday, April 28, 2013

Minor updates

Here's a nice photo with Dayamudra during a Sunday wander around the neighborhood, which was wonderfully warm.

Friends have found some great sublet options. One hold-up is I don't know if I will need to be relatively close to South San Francisco where the radiation will happen, possibly daily...for how many days? I hope to know much more tomorrow.

Blog copying request all sorted out.

Feeling more congestion in my lungs. There is stuff I can do about it, but not motivated the last few days.

If you ever get a chance to give a talk at the Gay Buddhist Fellowship, do it. Such lovely men! I'll post a link to the talk here (once they post it.) 


  1. Gracias Madre! Yum yum. Hope you were serenaded by fab female mariachi...

  2. Two beauties with another *ahem* beauty in the mural. Love to you. Really like that heart in the mural.
    Sandy xoxoxo