Monday, January 21, 2013

Meditation and gun jumping

Plantains and bell peppers
I was thinking about how people who can accept a big learning curve for many types of new tasks seem to make an exception about meditation as something they simply won't be well suited to or can't do. I thought this while listening to this talk about meditation as a learning experience by Gil Fronsdal. It's a good talk.

I sorta jumped the gun on the Living Funeral thing because Paramananda is going to be here in April. Realized it makes no sense to me to plan that kind of thing now...

Laura and I will be taking the train to New Orleans on March 1.

I'll be up in Lake County at Dawn's ordination retreat on Thursday or Friday for about two weeks.

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  1. When I turned 35 I had a birthday party that I thought of as living funeral without using those words. I thought what a shame that dead people (seem to) miss their own funerals. Also, as a person who has trouble celebrating herself, the idea of my own death gave me a kind of freedom or excuse to do that while I was alive. I didn't want to die without having done that. So maybe that's all a living funeral is: A special kind of birthday party.