Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's raining in Seminyak

Dawn in Joshua Tree...preparing for ordination?
I forgot to say: The luwak coffee was good. And to clarify, the coffee is not technically shit, it's the whole beans after having been partly digested by the luwak.

It's the rainy season now, or one of them. The first couple of days, it would rain for an hour in the afternoons. Now it seems to be raining all the time. Part of where we're staying is outside (a roof but no walls, it is very swank). I walked out of my bedroom this morning into a deluge.

Kathy has recovered from Bali Belly. We are in a very different town now, Seminyak. We walked down to the beach yesterday which appeared to be a shitty little trash strewn affair...getting more of the lay of the land today. Walking isn't much of an option, especially in the pouring rain. Balinese people seem to be consistently lovely. Tonight I'll hopefully be making soup with some special white mushrooms ("Highland white fungus") Cull brought from Singapore. They're supposed to be good for lungs (her lungs are messed up too though in a different way.)

Watched Brothers last night. (Toby McGuire, Jake Gyllenhall, Natalie Portman.) It was good.

I seem to be forgetting about cancer, which is handy.


  1. Recent movies:
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, etc., which you've probably seen.
    Young Adult, with Charlize Theron as a woman who just can't grow up. It got mixed reviews, but I really liked it.

    Thanks for clarification on the poo. I guess they digest the fruit part and poop the seed out and about, like Darwin intended.

    Enjoy your mushroom trip.

  2. And by young woman, I mean 20 years after high school. Patton Oswalt is in it.

  3. Yes I've seen both of them, liked 'em. xx