Friday, January 18, 2013

Half Nelson

Great poster.
Fave is her book.
Last night when I went outside to move my car I could only open the door about 6 inches. The dent next to the driver's side door is hardly even all I have to do is get in on the passenger side. Not that easy for a senior citizen pelvis. Plus if I drive into a lake it's curtains.

Saw Misha today and she gave me a big bottle of foul and nasty liquid to add to water and drink four times per day. Around 8,500 steps, a record in recent history.

Vidyadevi and I are talking about the book. It's going to be a selection of these blog posts, photographs, and possibly other things.

If I do the Living Funeral/Death Party, it is likely to be April 20 or 21. On the fence about it now, but currently frying other fish, to mix metaphors. I have to think about whether I am really motivated to do it and what the reasons would be.

Dr. Nelson didn't call. From what I could gather, she hasn't talked to Dr. Brooks at UCSF yet, so I won't find out about the x-ray or anything else 'til Dr. Brooks calls her back.

Candradasa sent me a link to (Life and Death Planning). They even have a checklist which is awesome. I might have waited a bit too long to think about doing this stuff.

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