Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easy Rider (not)

It is raining a lot, and often. While it's not cold, one can't do much when it's raining. For example, if you are watching a movie, you suddenly can't hear it.

On Friday after a dream in which I was in jail because one of the jailers didn't like me, I felt sapped of energy and slept much of the day. I felt better the next day.

We got a motorcycle, it's really the only way to get around. More of a scooter. Driving around in the torrential rain, relatively chaotic traffic, navigation, and (for me) switching sides of the road, was rather nerve wracking, though it was cool to be able to get where we wanted to go without a taxi. (I guess!) I drove for the first minute and once I had to merge into traffic, I stopped and Cull drove. We had a good Japanese lunch and wandered around, did some shopping at Supermarket Bintang, got $9 massages (1 hour.) Also Kathy bought a bracelet that is either silver, or "silver," we're not sure.

The soup we made with white fungus (reputedly good for lungs) was foul. She thinks it's because of the fungus; I thought it was because of the veg broth I made. Made something a lot simpler last night and it was good, and watched Killing Them Softly, which was OK. Not so interested in the groovy assassin movies that often seem to feature Brad Pitt (saw the Jesse James movie the other day.) Prefer Get Low, which possibly proves I am now old.

In general I still have a fair amount of energy, etc., but my lungs feel congested and I've been coughing a bit. Was wondering if they're irritated by the air conditioning...or it's the other thing.

I'll be home on January 12.

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  1. Another welcome posting. I really appreciate your humour which does much to illuminate the 'existential catastophe'. I once worked with the Monty Python team and had a similar response. Your earlier blog inspired a vivid dream in which I was about to be murdered but had the presence of mind to reflect on the glory of life, THANKS! joe