Friday, June 29, 2012

Blog Name Irony

From left: Me, Paris, Cull, Lo, Jon
(no crap here)
photo by Lily, (sadly) absent
from the photo!
When I named this blog I was unaware that actual crap would emerge as a major factor of my existence. It's like having a baby I suppose, except that I am now my own baby, without benefit of diapers.

Note this post from Adventures in Baby Pooping:

If you have a baby you, quite literally, have to deal with a lot of shit. And the only thing more disturbing than scooping poop clumps out of your daughter's vagina or scraping off feces caked onto your son's balls is that you will want need to talk about it to anyone who will listen, which unsurprisingly isn't very many people...But seriously, the experience of watching an unending stream of crap flow out of a human anus like it's a Play-Doh Fun Factory is so intense that you have to talk about it just to even process the trauma.

It's kinda like that for me. Except I'm not SO into talking about it. In any case, no poop adventures to report today, folks. Felt much better after seeing Misha yesterday.  She reminded me of BRAT for diarrhea (bread, white rice, apples, and black tea.) Someone showed Cull how to do moxa which she said is also good for diarrhea. Still weird & weirdly tired...about to head to a movie, Magic Mike

Had a great visit with family staying over on their way to Montana.


  1. Well, I think "nothing to report" is a very good report! XO